Phone Messages

A welcome message is the first thing callers hear when they phone you. If the message is well produced and spoken by a professional male or female voice artist it immediately informs your callers they are dealing with a business that cares.

When you order a Messages On Hold package from Media Sound your Welcome Message will be supplied as a separate file. This allows for updates to be done easily if you need to mention seasonal greetings or to highlight company events.

The Welcome Message should be brief, polite and friendly. We have included a couple of examples below.

Sample Welcome Message: Welcome and thank you for calling (Here insert Company Name, main product/ service or slogan). Please stay on the line and one of our friendly team will be with you in a moment.

Sample Medical Services Welcome Message: Welcome and thank you for calling (Here insert name of Doctor or Medical Centre) If this call concerns an emergency situation please hang up now and call 000 otherwise please stay on the line and we will attend to your call in just a moment.